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How to add wire to our face masks

Hello! Are you a glasses wearer, like me? If you're sick of your glasses steaming up when you wear a face mask then you need to put some wire across the top edge, and I will show you how to do this. 

Last year I offered a service where I would do this for you, but due to building work going on at my house I have had to pack my sewing machine away for a while. Sewing dozens of these by hand would take up too much time while I'm running the shop and website so I've decided to show you how to do it yourself! 

Firstly, let me say that these instructions are specifically for the face masks we are selling at Pippin - it may work on other kinds of mask but I take no responsibility if it doesn't! 

What you'll need: 

  • One of our face masks. 
  • A needle and thread. 
  • A piece of flexible soft craft wire. 
  • Three pins. 


1. Cut a piece of wire the same length as the top edge of your mask. 

2. At one end of the top seam, slide the end of the wire between the stitches so it goes between the two layers of fabric. 

3. Feel the end of the wire through the fabric and fold it over so there isn't a sharp point. 

(Inside it will look like this)

4. Keep feeding the wire in so that the whole wire is between the layers of fabric and fold over the other end of the wire too. 

5. Now push the wire so it's tight against the top seam, and pin it in place. 

6. Sew a line of straight stitches (you can use a sewing machine or just sew it by hand) along the pinned line and round the ends of the wire. 

It should look like this once it's sewn: 

Note that I have turned the corners to sew around the ends of the wire, so that the wire can't escape! 

That's it! You're all done, pop the mask on and mould that wire right across your nose and cheekbones to make it a snug fit across the whole top edge, so your breath cannot escape upwards to fog your glasses. I sometimes need to tie a knot in the ear elastics to make it a bit tighter on my face. 

You can machine wash the masks once they have wire in, but you will need to gently straighten the wire back out afterwards as it will become kinked. Alternatively, you could wash the masks by hand which is gentler on the wire. 

I wear and wash my masks every week and I've found that the wire lasts me for about 6 months of heavy wear at work. Eventually it does snap across the bridge of the nose, at which point I unpick a few stitches on the top seam and put a new piece of wire in, and sew it up again. 

Happy sewing!