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Collection: Abi's Attic

Abi's Attic jewellery is created by hand in Lincolnshire by mum Rachel, who named the business after her daughter. 

Cork is a great "vegan leather" alternative, is cruelty free, and is a 100% sustainable green product.
Cork oak trees predominantly come from the Mediterranean region with over 50% of the worlds cork production coming from Portugal. The cork is stripped from the trees every 9-12 years with no damage to the tree itself enabling them to continue to regrow. Some cork trees can be 200+ years old.
As such, cork is:
o Eco-Friendly and 100% natural
o Sustainable
o Waterproof - Whereas leather products are not waterproof and tend to wear and create odour when exposed to water.
o Biodegradable
o Recyclable

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