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Collection: Slabb Chocolate

The Slabb is a unique brand of  chocolate. Each bar is created with the finest chocolate, "fully loaded" with delicious and creative ingredients.

The salted caramel stuffed slabb was the first to catch my eye - the beautiful geometric sculpted bar with hidden reserves of delicious gooey caramel.... I knew we had to stock it! 

Slabb are also famous for their alcoholic chocolate. After a lot of experimenting they perfected a way of making their chocolate alcoholic without seizing the chocolate or using other additions such as cream or butter. Taking inspiration from their favourite cocktails they started creating delicious flavours such as irish cream with vanilla fudge and marshmallows. 

Treat yourself, a friend or your loved one today with these spectacular slabbs and lollipops! Available to buy online or in store at our Edinburgh gift shop

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